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Bob Wilson - Anchorman

Bob Wilson Former Arsenal No.1, less charismatic than Ray Clemence. Everyone knows that goalkeepers are mad, so why give them TV jobs? (note to Daily Mirror journalists - these are my comments, not the band's!)
Jim Rosenthal Another anchorman, though more of a part-timer.
Wailing Wall The Western Wall of the old Temple in Jerusalem, the only part now standing.
Senegal, Wailing Wall, Dundalk How exactly did you get there, Nigel?
(Michael) Faraday 19th century scientist, discoverer of electromagnetic induction and the like.
(George) Stephenson Rocketman to his mates; Timothy Hackworth was one of them.
Worth noting that Faraday and Stephenson appeared on the back of £20 and £5 notes respectively (until Faraday was usurped by Elgar) (spotter's badge to Chris Todd).
Also a reference to a Brendan Behan quote: "If it was raining soup, the Irish would go out with forks".

On Passing Lilac Urine

"...the serpent also hisses where the sweet birds do sing" a quote from Thomas Hardy's "Tess Of The D'Urbervilles", Phase the Second, Chapter 12:
"...on reaching the edge of the escarpment [Tess] gazed over the familiar green world beyond, now half-veiled in mist. It was terribly beautiful to Tess today, for since her eyes last fell upon it she had learnt that the serpent hisses where the sweet birds sing, and her views of life had been totally changed for her by the lesson. "
which is in itself a reference by Hardy to Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece: "The adder hisses where the sweet birds sing." (thanks Dickon).

Lark Descending

The Lark Ascending is "a romance for violin and small orchestra" by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958). It can be heard to excellent effect under the opening titles to John Duigan's film 'The Year My Voice Broke' (1987). It's also a personal favourite of 'TV funnyman' Vic Reeves. More info here (ta Andrew Petrie).
"My hands are stained with thistle-milk" is also from Hardy's "Tess Of The D'Urbervilles", Phase the Third: The Rally, Chapter 4:
"She went stealthily as a cat through this profusion of growth, gathering cuckoo spittle on her skirt, cracking snails that were underfoot, staining her hands with thistle-milk and slug-slime, and rubbing off upon her naked arms sticky blights which, though snow white on the apple tree trunks, made madder stains on her skin." (thanks to Stuart Fairbrother).
Mansfield North of Nottingham, noted for a very average bitter and a football team whose Fall-loving fans are bigger than me.
Steve Malkmus Main Pavement man, now solo.
Camber Sands is a Pontins complex in East Sussex where Belle & Sebastian started up their 'Bowlie Festival' thing in '99.
J. Buckley i.e. Jeff, son of Tim, drowned in a tragic accident in 1997.
Lou Barlow One-third of Dinosaur Jr, more of Sebadoh, now with Folk Implosion. Comparisons with Nick Drake stand up, in my eyes.
Ken Barlow The most happening boring man this side of Rosamund St.

Worried Man Blues

A traditional song, adopted by Woody Guthrie. So there's no references.

New York Skiffle

Quack nostrums Potions dished out to the gullible in the old-fashioned Medicine Show that used to tour the American West.
Kansas Very much in the middle of America.
Greenwich Village Bohemian area in the south (east) side of Manhattan, New York. Even if the 'starving artists' can't afford the rent. Think Islington.
Tea chest Used by skiffle bands to make a bass.
Andy Warhol, Velvet Underground svengali-type.
"Waiting for my van" "I'm Waiting For The Man" is a song on the Velvet's first LP.
"Does your heroin lose its glamour on the washboard overnight?" "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight?" was a hit for UK Skiffle-man Lonnie Donegan in 1959. "Heroin" was also a song on the Velvet's first LP.
Washboard Another skiffle instrument.
Bill Burroughs William S Burroughs, experimental writer (Naked Lunch, etc.) and intentional heroin addict.
CBGB's Underground club in the Bowery area of NYC where US punk took off.
Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O was also a hit for Lonnie Donegan, in 1957.

Vatican Broadside

Slipknot Gene Simmons' children.

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