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Edit record 'A Ballet, a Ballet, let every Poet,/ What doe you meane to doe?' Musarum Deliciae 1655 pp72-75 Tom Bagnalls Ballet 88 Bagnall, William
Edit record 'A Ballet, a ballet! let every Poet/ What do you mean to do?' Wit Restor'd 1658 pp39-43 Bagnall's Ballet, supplied of what was left out in Musarum Deliciae 112 Bagnall, William
Edit record 'A Baron and a Knight were one day walking/ Tis to some Lord he made his low obeysance.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p285 On a Crow. 8  
Edit record 'A Batchelor would have a Wife were wise,/ He should bespeak her, there's none ready made.' Wits Recreations 1640 p134 415 A good Wife 6 Rowlands, Samuel
Edit record 'A Beauty smoother than an ivory plane,/ Those hearts are double slain it shines so bright.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p272 [274] On a Gentlewoman injured by the Small Pox. 6 Strode, William
Edit record 'A Beauty smoother then the Ivory plaine,/ Those hearts are doubly slaine it shines so bright.' Parnassus Biceps 1656 p67 On a Gentlewomann that had the Smalll-Pox 6 Strode, William
Edit record 'A Beggar got a baliff,/ And so this man --.' Wit and Drollery 1656 pp'116'-'118' [156-158] [untitled] 48  
Edit record 'A Blith and bonny Country Lass/ And thus my Roundelay is past.' Westminster Drollery 1671 pp59-60 A Song. 30 Lodge, Thomas
Edit record 'A Brewer may be a Burgess grave,/ Which no body can deny. Merry Drollery 2nd Part 1661 pp70-72 The Protecting Brewer. 48  
Edit record 'A Certain Priest had hoarded up/ Your God is rise and gone.' Le Prince d'Amour 1660 p138 Upon a Priest that hid money. 16  
Edit record 'A Chamber-Maid was got with Child,/ For his dear sake that got it.' Mock Songs and Joking Poems 1675 pp70-71 SONG 22. On a Lady, and her Chamber-maid. 32  
Edit record 'A Chamber-Maid was got with Child;/ For his dear sake that got it.' Grammatical Drollery 1682 pp38-39 A Song on a Lady and her Chamber-Maid. 32  
Edit record 'A Child and dead, alas how should that come? Surely his thread of life was but a thrum.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p277 On a Childe. 2 Freeman, Thomas
Edit record 'A Chine of Beef, God save us all!/ A Trophey, and a Sacrifice.' Wit and Mirth 1682 pp102-103 On a Chine of BEEF. By Mr. Tho. Flatman. 24 Flatman, Thomas
Edit record 'A Chine of beef, God save us all,/ A trophy and a sacrifice.' Wits Interpreter 1655 pp268-269 Upon a chine of Beef. 24 Flatman, Thomas
Edit record 'A Citizen that dwelt neer Temple-bar,/ My give him all he hath, yet keep his vow.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p313 On a Citizen. 10 Jonson, Ben
Edit record 'A Clergy-man that oft had preacht/ To this day that I heard.' Wits Interpreter 1655 pp292-293 Upon a Usurer. 24  
Edit record 'A Cobler and a Curate once disputed/ But if you wil, we'l make them Coblers both.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p312 On a Cobler and a Curate. 6 Harrington, John
Edit record 'A Cobler is an excellent Surgeon,/ He mends the Sole, which Death can't do.' Mock Songs and Joking Poems 1675 pp54-56 SONG 17. The praises of a Cobler. The Tune: And 'tis the Knave of Clubs bears all the sway. 48  
Edit record 'A Comely Lady that of late was sped,/ Weel to't each night for health, each morn for pleasure.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p276 A Lady's Question to a Doctor. 8  
Edit record 'A Courtier proud walking along the street,/ The Scholler said, I will, and gave him it.' Wits Recreations 1640 [p80] 246 A Courtier and a Scholler meeting. 6  
Edit record 'A Crown, a Crown, make room. / But ye do find it worse, ne're stir, for we shall noose ye all.' Mery Drollery The First Part 1661 pp122-123 The English. 9  
Edit record 'A Dane, a Spaniard, a Polonian,/ Drank, laught, yet none that understood another.' Wits Recreations 1640 [pp94-95] 287 A conference. 4  
Edit record 'A Drunkard I am, and a Drunkerd I'le dye,/ Tis he I adore, and for evermore shall.' Mock Songs and Joking Poems 1675 pp2-'132' [3] SONG. 2. A Mock to a Lover I am, and a Lover I'le be. And to that Tune. 12  
Edit record 'A Face that is exactly fair,/ Attain this Nymph's a happy man.' The Marrow of Complements 1655 p21 The way to chuse a Mistresse. 32  
Edit record 'A Fox, a Fox, up Gallants to the field, / May eccho forth the hunting of the Fox.' Mery Drollery The First Part 1661 pp29-30 The Hunting. 40  
Edit record 'A Gallant full of life and void of care,/ Let them finde Hares that lost them; I'le finde none.' Wits Interpreter 1655 p307 Of finding a Hare. 5  
Edit record 'A Gallant once did wooe a Lass/ Here lies a foolish Lover.' Oxford Drollery 1671 pp25-26 The Scornful Lass. Tune, The Gun-fleet. 32 Hickes, William
Edit record 'A Gentleman not richest in discretion,/ Must needs go slow, which goes upon an arse.' Wits Recreations 1640 [p164] 502 A Gentleman and his Phisitian. 6 May, Edward
Edit record 'A Glasier is more excellent Surgeon,/ Is accounted stout, both far and near.' Mock Songs and Joking Poems 1675 pp64-67 SONG 20. The praise of the Glasiers-Trade. The Tune is: My Dame Jaon has pawn'd her Kettle. 60